Past activities

In the past few months, quite some activities have been organised by H.V. Ockham’s different committees! Here follows an overview of what our members have been doing, or what you might have missed.


Constitution Drink 10th Board

On Friday, September 21st, the new board was celebrated in the Stek (Bastille). Despite the fact that there were no fridges to cool the beer and we had to improvise by putting the beers in to buckets of ice water, we had a festive afternoon. Not only were we visited and congratulated by some fellow study associations from the UT, but even our sister association NSHV (Nijmeegse Studenten Honours Vereniging) joined the party!

What some people probably remember is that some happy little mistakes were made by our (slightly drunk) pedellen. Both our chairman and our pedelstaf were stolen and we might just have slightly damaged one of the walls of the Stek. Nevertheless, it was a great afternoon!

Second Monday of the Month Drinks

Speaking of drinks: our SMOTM Drinks organised by the DriCie were once again a great success! Something worth mentioning is that, after a few months of uncertainty, we finally found a new location for our drinks: MBasement (behind Educafé). In November, we had our very first drink in MBasement, which was celebrated by unlimited free beers and soda for all members. People were very enthusiastic, and we saw many new faces. If you’re a new member of H.V. Ockham, then definitely come join us during our drink in the bachelor intro weeks to get an impression of what these SMOTM Drinks are like!


Dies of H.V. Ockham

On November 21st, we celebrated our Dies Natalis with a fun activity: Ocktoberfest! (mind the pun). The ACCIE had prepared an awesome scenario: imagine waking up from a coma, three weeks after you went to the Oktoberfest. The police tells you that, in the night that you passed out, a crime was committed. You are one of the suspects and have to come up with a solid alibi to prove that you are innocent. The problem: you have no clue what happened that night! Throughout the Citadel, teams of 4 people could find all kinds of hints in the form of minigames and thus reconstruct what happened. Of course, we ended the night with a drink and a chat in the Ockham Room.


Miko’s lunch lecture

Miko Elwenspoek, our honorary member and retired dean and founder of Honours at the UT gave a very intriguing lecture about “How We Think the World Is, and How We May Be Wrong” on the 29th of November. Through a short quiz, followed by descriptions of general trends in the world, he exemplified that even here at the uni, and amongst Honours students and teachers, most people were unaware of the situation in the world, regarding things like women’s rights, poverty, crime, terrorism, literacy, climate change and so on. In the end, Miko showed that most of us got a lower score on the quiz than a chimpanzee!! (Note: our cousin relied on pure guesswork)


Ice skating

Just before the holidays on December 18th, the ACCIE organised their traditional December activity: ice skating! With a small though enthusiastic group, we went to the IJsbaan Twente at Kennispark. Although some people skated better than others, it is safe to say that everybody had a great night on the slippery ice!