Established in 2009, H.V. Ockham can count itself among the younger associations of the University of Twente. The first idea for this association came to light among students of the first year that the Honours Programme was given, in 2007. In 2009, after they successfully ended the programme, the idea began to take more shape. One of the final reasons to establish the association was to have the possibility to stay in contact with the fellow Honours students after the ending of the programme. 

Three students from the first batch together with one from the second, then finally decided to formally establish the association. After some talks with teachers and others, there were no more obstacles on their way to go to a notary to make everything official. The association formally existed as from the 29th of October 2009, with an opening drink on the 24th of November of that same year in the Blomzaal of the Faculty Club.

As of today, H.V. Ockham has existed for ten years. Celebrating its second lustrum in the academic year of 2019, the association has grown to be a wonderful and diverse community over the past decade. Numerous active members have been working in committees to organise a wide variety of activities, such as the Honours Kick-In, monthly drinks and a yearly study tour.