Honorary Members

Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis

Every canonically great scientist is a “dead white man”. While this is not uncontroversial, insights like these summarize Fokko Jan’s teaching style: witty, thought-provoking and enthusiastic, he has made the bachelor Science track memorable for many cohorts of honours students. Like the other honorary members, he has also played an essential role in establishing the Honours Programme as we know it and has always stayed involved with the honours community and Ockham. Fokko Jan has helped Ockham reach out to new students, and was asked to open the Ockham room for the first time in early 2015.

Fokko Jan’s honorary membership was approved during the annual general members meeting of 2015. At a lunch lecture he gave to Ockham’s members about the Dutch mathematician Simon Stevin, he received his honorary membership. With this honorary membership, H.V. Ockham wants to thank him for his contribution to the Honours Programme and his continued support for the honours community.

Miko Elwenspoek

Name a subject, and Miko has probably read a few books about it. His wide base of knowledge and his eagerness to share it have always made his modules in the Science and Design tracks a joy to follow. In addition to teaching, he has been intensively involved in setting up the Honours Programme. Later on, he remained a driving force behind the Honours Programme and the honours community in his capacities as programme director and dean. While he ‘officially’ retired in 2013, Miko continued working as dean of the Honours Programme until the end of 2016 and still teaches. Miko’s support and advice have been valuable to Ockham since the beginning, and he remains a welcome sight in the Ockham room to this day.

Miko received his honorary membership on January 13th, 2014. With this honorary membership, H.V. Ockham wants to thank Miko for his great dedication to the Honours Programme and the honours community.

Henk Procee
Henk Procee was involved in the Honours Programme right from the beginning. He taught several modules with great enthusiasm and was always in for a good conversation. In 2011 he ‘officially’ retired and stopped teaching after finishing the module ‘Synthese’ with the 5th generation honours students at the Honours Programme. On February 22th (2012) during the graduation ceremony of the 5th generation, he was asked by the third board of HV Ockham to become the first honorary member of HV Ockham. Of course, he felt really honoured and did not refuse the offer. At September his honourary membership became official after it was approved during the annual general members meeting. With this honorary membership, HV Ockham wants to thank Henk Procee for everything that he has done for the honours community.