Welcome to H.V. Ockham

Due to the increased corona measures and social distancing H.V. Ockham has set up a means for everyone to still socially connect, online!

To do so, we recommend you download the desktop application for discord, a handy tool to talk with people in private, multifunctional ‘servers’. These servers basically facilitate multiple channels to either type or voicechat in with anyone of your fellow Honours students. The benefit of this medium is that it will allow anyone to casually initiate any kind of gathering, discussion or fun activity.

To use discord, first you need to make an account on their website here:

Then, download discord by going to their page here:

Once registered and installed, use this link to join our server easily:

https://discord.gg/esrQxpq (if the link does not work, please message a board member)

It is also possible to use discord via the web-browser and directly join our server via the above link, although we recommend installing the desktop version.

We are planning on having our activities mostly via discord from now on. Even more so, it is already frequently used by our members to just meetup and have a little chat in between lectures and during the break, just like we used to do physically.

Lastly, keep an eye out for an announcement informing you about the opening of a shared discord server for all dutch Honours associations. See you online!

DHC - Diner Rouler

The Dutch Honours Community, a community consisting of Honours students and alumni of Universities across the Netherlands, aims to organise several activities every year to connect its members.

This time it's through a 'diner rouler'! Nijmegen hosts this event, in which you get to share dinner of 3 courses in 3 seperate houses together with a small groups of students of Eindhoven, and Nijmegen. Treat your taste buds and get an intimate look inside the life of a student living in Nijmegen!

You will start your dinner at the house of an honours student that made you and the group you are assigned to, a nice apetizer. For your main course, your group will cycle to another place and after the main you will enjoy your dessert again somewhere else in Nijmegen. Fill your evening with some light activity (cycling), delicious food (dinner), good drinks (included in the price) and high quality conversations.

It's possible to meetup together and travel by train. Costs: 6 euros. Registrations close 15th of March.

Spots are limited, so sign up now via: bit.ly/3cA0UxC !

Friday, 27 March, 2020 - 18:00 to 21:00

Pooling with the ACCIE

Just back from your vacation? Are you ready to shoot some balls into the appropriate holes together with new and old Honours students? Let's meet to do some pooling on Thursday evening, have your first beverage on the house, have some fun and have a litte chat together! ACCIE is generously opening the doors of Snooker and Pool Center in Enschede!   

Snooker and Pool Center, Enschede
Thursday, 27 February, 2020 - 21:00 to 23:30